About Us

RnR Products has been in business since 1990 and cumulatively, among our key employees, we have over 100 years experience flying and building model aircraft and contract projects for the Aerospace industry. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley we have many ties to both the Aerospace and the Computer industry.

What makes our radio control products unique is that every model in our line was created by someone who just wanted to build it from scratch and fly it. If we liked it, we sold it. If we didn't, it was just another fun project. We have no intention of changing that.

All of our products are handmade, one at a time, at our Milpitas, California facility. Our craftsmen and artisans craft the strongest, most consistent, best flying radio control aircraft in the world. Many techniques that were perfected at RnR have become the world standard for construction, such as skin hinging. Some of the reasons our aircraft are the best are secrets we still hold today.

As you can see we have finally begun the task of entirely updating our site for you. The most important additions you have asked for are updated aircraft availability and specifications with pricing so that you may order from us on line if you wish. Check back regularly. You will see changes often.

As always RnR Products is committed to providing you with unique world class airframes of the highest order. Although sailplanes continue to be our largest market segment we are expanding into many other areas. Recent years have been very successful for our gas giant scale racers of which we have an 80+% market share in the United States.

Pictured here is Mike Johnson's GR-7 taken at the Unlimited Scale Racing Association (USRA), World Championship Air Races at Eagle Field by Los Banos California on October 1, 2000. These aircraft are flown at speeds in excess of 250 mph and withstand an incredible 20+ G's. Check out the USRA website for the results of the many races they have each year and you will find that our presence in this sport is a legend in the making.Coming soon we will show you our first in a new series of an exciting new concept in classic style sailplanes that pilots of all skill levels will enjoy. This plane is advancing nicely through our design process. We will keep you informed as this program proceeds.

Also on the drawing board is a replacement for our venerable Genesis thermal duration ship. We began production on her in 1993, and she is still winning contests. We still have the Genesis in our product line due to a few continuous requests. Many of our customers own, or have owned, 4 or more of this innovative design.

Until we have completed our acquisition of a secure online credit card service, planned for next year, you may wish to call us with your order. We have provided an email order form for those of you who are a little more daring, or you may print it and fax us or send by normal mail if you wish.

Finally, we will be adding many options, including several new gel coat color designs that are unique and many of us think they are not only distinctive, but are virtual works of art. We have many pleasant surprises for you in the coming year.

A profound thank you to all of our regular customers and we hope those of you who are just finding out about RnR will enjoy our many World Class R/C aircraft. We take your fun seriously. Check us out at your local club. If it's the highest or the fastest, it's probably from RnR!