Genesis SE

Thermal Duration

Wing Span: 113"

Wing Area: 855 sq. in.

Airfoil: SD-7037

Aspect Ratio: 14.2:1

Weight: ~68 oz.

Wing Loading: ~11.5 oz./sq. ft.

OUTTA sight! Literally! When you're talking thermal duration, you're talking Genesis-SE. The RnR produced Genesis-SE leads the way in hunting down and coring thermals. Since its introduction in the Spring of 1993, the Genesis-SE has gone through many subtle modifications to improve handling characteristics and durability. The results of these enhancements are what we call the Genesis-SE.

We enlarged the rudder by nearly 75% to increase the total fin area and give the rudder some bite for launches and landings. Additional carbon tow reinforcing to the wing saddle helps stop stress cracks.

The full flying stab has been modified with a "Step Recess" to increase strength and durability. This also elevates the stab off the rocker to allow for more throw. The nylon hold down screw has been replaced with an aluminum screw. New wing molds were made to increase the control surface areas for increased roll rate, and better stopping power for those spot landings. Put the whole package together and you get the Genesis-SE.

Kit Parts List:

1- Assembly Manual

1- Wing Center Panel

2- Wingtip panels

2- Carbon Fiber Wingtip Joiners

1- Stabilator

1- Fuselage

1- Nose Cone

1- Rudder

1- Rudder Pushrod Set

1- Elevator Pushrod Set

3- Plastic Flap Leading Edge Gap Seals

1- Genesis Graphics

1- Complete Hardware Package