Wayne Handley's


Wayne Handley and his ORACLE Turbo Raven have been delighting airshow spectators with its exciting aerobatics since its introduction in November, 1998. The ORACLE Turbo Raven's sleek lines and generously proportioned fin/rudder and strip ailerons allowed SlipStream Aviation in association with RnR Products to design a fully molded 1/5 scale flying model without deviating from the original outline.

  • Light weight hollow-core wing technology utilizing epoxy glass & carbon fiber with skin hinging on the wing and stabilizer.

  • Removable wing and stab already mounted.

  • Carbon fiber gear strut and mount in place.

  • Durable gel-coat surfacing in red and white. No shrink film!

  • Horizontally split engine cowl increases realism and serviceability without removing the prop and spinner.

  • Pre-attached control surface horns.