Thermal Millennium

Thermal Duration

Wing Span: 123"

Wing Area: 992 sq. in.

Airfoil: Transitional RG-15

Aspect Ratio: 15.25:1

Weight: ~70 oz.

Wing Loading: ~10 oz./sq. ft.

New April 2001

The Thermal Millennium is now available. Our customers have been flying our standard Millennium in thermal duration contests more often than F3B contests. Soooooo............ we thought why not do some optimizing for those folks. Again we have been listening to you. We now have an identical planform, but with weight removed that will bring it down to the ~70 oz. range, about a 10% reduction in weight. If you thought it thermalled great before, check out the new Thermal Millennium now. Same great price. Not for F3B!

Mid-Tail Kit Parts List:

1- Assembly Manual

2- Wing Panels

1- Carbon Fiber Wing Joiner

1- Mid-Tail Set

1- Fuselage

1- Nose Cone

1- Rudder

1- Stabilizer Pushrod Set

1- Rudder Pushrod Set

4- Plastic Flap Leading Edge Gap Seals

1- Complete Hardware Package