Synergy V

F3b, Slope

Wing Span: 114.75"

Wing Area: 950 sq. in.

Airfoil: RG-14

Aspect Ratio: 13.9:1

Weight: ~82 oz.

Wing Loading: ~12.4 oz./sq. ft.

Here they come again! The folks at RnR have gone from conception, straight into the sky with this creation. The Rich Spicer designed Synergy V is a high performance competition sailplane, featuring a CNC machined RG-14 wing, combined with the new Delft University low drag wing tips. The Synergy V incorporates a full flying T- tail, using a unique aluminum rocker and linkage system with a carbon fiber reinforced tail boom and fin.

One other interesting note is that The Synergy V uses a rectangular carbon fiber wing joiner to prevent joiner rotation on landing. It is available in 3, 4 or 5 degree depending on your requirements.

RnR's composite molded technology provides a unique blend of strength and weight optimization. Noticeable results are found through increased durability, torsional stability and stiffness incorporated in the wing, fuselage, and tail section. This fully molded F3B competition sailplane is one to include in your arsenal with its multi-taper RG-14 airfoil.

Kit Parts List:

1- Assembly Manual

2- Wing Panels

1- Fuselage

1- Canopy

1- Rudder Post

1- Stabilizer Set

1- Rudder

1- Elevator Bellcrank

1- Elevator Rocker Assembly

1- Carbon Fiber Wing Joiner

1- Rudder Pushrod and Tube Set

1- Elevator Pushrod and Tube Set

4- Plastic Flap Leading Edge Gap Seals

1- Complete Hardware Package