Cross Country

Wing Span: 170"

Wing Area: 1545 sq. in.

Airfoil: SD-2048

Aspect Ratio: 19.8:1

Weight: ~9.5 lbs.

Wing Loading: ~14 oz./sq. ft.

Run! It's Rodan, that humongous bird monster from those godzilla films. Just kiddin', but the RnR produced SB-XC is a BIG bird. The SB-XC will fill the bill of the pilot who seeks to compete the LSF 4 and 5 endurance tasks (4 or 8 hour slope flights, 1 and 2 hour duration flights, and of course, cross country racing). Marvel at the cavernous cockpit area that will house your needed in-flight gear, variometer and a 3 cell 6 volt lead acid battery. That's right. That's a lotta juice! This big bird gets hungry during those 4 to 8 hour flights.

As your SB-XC is dancing along the sky, you'll notice the wide speed range you're able to attain with the 2048 airfoil, from seemingly floating with the clouds to 100 mph speed runs. With its 14+ ft. wing span, the SB-XC is quite easy to see at 2,500 feet.

Speaking of easy, you'll be amazed at how gentle and extremely docile this big bird is to fly as you casually gain altitude into the heavens, serene in thought, until... WHERE the HECK did it go! No problem! Drop the mammoth flaps until you bring your naughty big bird into visual range.

The SB-XC is just plain fun whether it's task oriented or at the slope. When transporting big bird to and from your destination, you'll appreciate the thoughtful design of the 4 piece wing and the shipping crate that doubles as a carrying case.

Kit Parts:

1 -Assembly Manual

2- Wing Center Panels

3- Carbon Fiber Wing Joiners

2- Wing Tip Panels

1- Stabililator Set

1- Fuselage

1- Rudder

1- Rudder Post

1- Rudder Pushrod Set

1- Elevator Pushrod Set

6- Flap Leading Edge Gap Seals

1- Aluminum Elevator Bellcrank

2- Molded Wing Mounts

1- Complete Hardware Package