60 inch Slope Racer

Wing Span: 60"

Wing Area: 406 sq. in.

Airfoil: SD-2048

Aspect Ratio: 8.85:1

Weight: ~38 oz.

Wing Loading: ~13.5 oz./sq. ft.

The Revolution is a high performance, state-of-the-art 60" class sailplane. With its hollow core SD-2048 wings and all composite construction the Revolution is designed for all out slope racing. Large flaps and full camber changing gives the Revolution a wide speed range and easy landing ability. For quick and neat construction, the kit includes a molded-in radio tray, installed pushrod tubes, installed wing servo wiring, installed wing joiner tube and is molded in color.

Kit Parts List:

1- Assembly Manual

2- Wing Panels

1- Carbon Fiber Wing Joiner

1- Stabilator Set

1- Fuselage

1- Nose Cone

1- Rudder

1- Rudder Pushrod Set

1- Stabilator Pushrod Cable Set

1- Complete Hardware Package

2- Plastic Flap Leading Edge Gap Seals