Original Equipment Manufacturer

In addition to our own sport and competition aircraft, RnR Products is an OEM supplier for a variety of high performance kit distributors. Currently we manufacture propellers, wings and fuselages for a wide range of remote controlled airplanes and helicopters. We are experienced with sailplanes, weighing a couple of pounds, to Giant Scale Reno style racers that achieve top speeds of 250 mph and 20 G turns.

We have built parts or kits for the following distributors:

R/C Sailplanes:

  • Slegers, Long Valley, NJ

  • SMaL Enterprises, Santa Clara, CA

  • Airtronics, Anaheim, CA

  • Renaud Designs, Lake Forest, CA

  • Wood Logic, Boulder, CO

Acrobatic R/C Aircraft:

  • SlipStream Aviation, San Jose, CA, Call Kelly at 408-248-4642

R/C Power Giant Scale:

  • RacePro, Sutter Creek, CA

  • RnA Enterprises, Los Gatos, CA

R/C Race Planes:

  • California Speed Pro, Piedmont, SD

  • Aero Sport, 408-980-0800

  • Quick Turn Aviation, Rick Schrameck, 408-531-1540, rickqt@pacbell.com


  • Helicopter World, Milpitas, CA

  • Competition Structures, San Jose, CA

We specialize in low volume, high quality production of individual components through complete products. In addition, we supply "after market parts" to flyers to improve the performance of their existing aircraft.