F3b, Slope

Wing Span: 123"

Wing Area: 992 sq. in.

Airfoil: Transitional RG-15

Aspect Ratio: 15.25:1

Weight: ~76 oz.

Wing Loading: ~11 oz./sq. ft.

Since its introduction in 1999 the Millennium has been winning, and winning big. Our most popular aircraft represents the latest in computer design theory and CNC technology. Although it was principally designed as an F3B ship, the Millennium has proven itself as a great thermal duration plane, as well. With our proven construction techniques, RnR is producing a light, strong all-molded plane that will give unmatched all round performance.

The wing on the Millennium features a fully elliptical planform and utilizes transitional airfoil technology to optimize performance. What this means is that the ENTIRE wing is working at all times to give higher launches, better turning ability, and precise control at all speeds. Computer designed by NASA engineer (and well known sailplane pilot) Gavin Botha, the wing starts out with an RG-15 at the root and transitions out to an optimized airfoil at the tip. To precisely reproduce this design, CNC machined plugs were used to create extremely accurate tooling.

The standard Millennium features a two-piece wing and a mid-tail, but it is also available with a three-piece wing and a V-tail. Both of these versions feature a fuselage with removable nosecone as well as a two-piece removable V-tail or mid-tail.

Mid-Tail Kit Parts List:

1- Assembly Manual

2- Wing Panels

1- Carbon Fiber Wing Joiner

1- Mid-Tail Set

1- Fuselage

1- Nose Cone

1- Rudder

1- Stabilizer Pushrod Set

1- Rudder Pushrod Set

4- Plastic Flap Leading Edge Gap Seals

1- Complete Hardware Package