RES, Thermal Duration, & Fun Fly
Building skill level:  Novice - 99% complete
Flying skill level: Advanced Novice to expert
Wing Span: 99"
Wing Area: 896 sq. in.
Airfoil: Modified E387
Fuse Length: 59"
Weight: ~56-62 oz.
Wing Loading: ~8.8 oz./sq. ft.
Nose Cone: Slide on
mage of V-Tail Millennium

The Summa Classic (sounds like "zooma") is the first all hollow core composite rudder, elevator, and spoiler (RES) aircraft designed for an extremely broad customer base.  We are listening to you!  From the first look inside the box you will know this is a different airplane.  We calculate that the RTF kit is 98% complete.  Using our unique installation method, you should be ready to fly in minutes.  Just install the 2 servos (3 w/spoilers - about 15 more minutes), do a few minor checks, balance, and fly.  Go to our RTF  Summa instruction sheet to see how easy it really is.  The standard build Summa should be ready in a day (1/2 day if you are an experienced builder).

This aircraft can be flown comfortably by the advanced novice who is:

  • Looking for a fun fly glider or thermal duration contest winner that is affordable

  • Can withstand full "on" electric winch launch and zoom or hi start

  • Is easy and predictable to launch

  • Can fly slow and can fly fast

  • Slide on nose cone opening is triple reinforced - saves damage from those "dorked" landings

We have not left out the expert pilot as well.  This plane has been designed for competition in the RES class (most venues).  It has a very broad performance envelope that can help you find those minimal thermals yet can fly fast to get out of performance busting down drafts.  This was all by design.  What we got as a bonus was the surprising "legs" it has to get you home when you find yourself way out there in less than perfect conditions.  We think this will be our largest production product in RnR's 11+ year history.  We think you'll support that belief.

The Summa has a three-piece wing making it easily transportable.  The kit includes all graphics and stripping tape in your choice of available colors (white, black, chrome, blue, yellow).  In order to make this our best value glider ever, we have restricted the aircraft color to red on top and fuse and black on bottom.  Other colors are optional at an additional charge.


Parts List:
1 Fuselage w/rudder

1 Nose cone

1 3 pc. wing

2 Wing joiners

1 Stabilizer w/elevator

2 Adjustable wood servo mounts

3 aluminum Wing/Stab screws

Decal Set

1 Stripping tape

1- Complete Hardware Package

See or pricing page for options and accessories.